Isabel M. Perera Receives the 2019 John Heinz Dissertation Award

Isabel M. Perera, a doctoral student in political science at the University of Pennsylvania, is the winner of the 2019 John Heinz Dissertation Award. She was nominated for this honor by Julia Lynch, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania.‚Äč  Perera’s dissertation, “States of Mind: A Comparative and Historical Study of the Political Economy of Mental Health” was reviewed by Andrea Campbell, professor and current head of the political science department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who said, “It is a complex, nuanced, and sophisticated analysis, a real tour de force utterly deserving of the Heinz Dissertation Award.”

The 2019 Heinz Dissertation Award Selection Committee also gave an honorable mention to Wei-Ting Yen for her dissertation, “Unstable Income and the Welfare States in Asia.” Yen wrote the dissertation while she was a doctoral student in political science in the graduate school at Ohio State University. Her thesis was nominated by Sarah M. Brooks, professor in the department of political science at Ohio State University.

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