This sourcebook was compiled by Robert Rosenblatt, Senior Fellow at the National Academy of Social Insurance.

The contents of the sourcebook were reviewed by an Editorial Committee for clarity, completeness, accuracy, and objectivity. The committee inlcudes: Kurt Czarnowski, Regional Communications Director, Social Security Administration; Beth Kobliner,; Richard Sorian, Vice President for External Relations, National Committee for Quality Assurance; Walt Swanston, Director of Diversity Management, National Public Radio; Mark Tapscott, Director, Media Services and Marilyn and Fred Guardabassi Fellow, Communications & Marketing Department, The Heritage Foundation; J. Robert Treanor, Certified Employee Benefit Specialist; and Mary Jane Yarrington, Senior Policy Analyst, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

We would like to thank the members of the committee for their thoughtful comments on earlier drafts of the sourcebook.

Drafts of the sourcebook were also reviewed by a number of NASI staff members, including: Virginia Reno, Vice President for Research; Kathleen M. King, Director of Health Security Policy; and Cecili Thompson Williams, Data Specialist for Income Security.