The Social Insurance Research Network (SIRN) is comprised of a series of subject matter electronic journals that circulate the latest scholarly research on a range of social insurance issues. The five e-journals that comprise SIRN are:

Disability Income & Work Injury Compensation eJournal
Co-Editors: Edward H. Yelin, Professor of Medicine and Health Policy at the University of California, San Francisco and William G. Johnson, Professor of Economics at Arizona State University

Health Care Delivery & Financing eJournal
Co-Editors: Katherine Swartz, Professor of Health Policy and Economics at the Harvard School of Public Health and Timothy S. Jost, Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University School of Law

Poverty, Income Distribution, and Income Assistance eJournal
Co-Editors: Peter Edelman, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center and Timothy Smeeding, Professor of Economics and Administration at Syracuse University

Social Security, Pensions, & Retirement Income eJournal
Co-Editors: Patricia E. Dilley, Professor of Law, University of Florida and Laurence Seidman, Professor of Economics, University of Delaware

Unemployment Insurance eJournal
Co-Editors: Marc Baldwin, Assistant Commissioner in the Office of Policy and Research of the Washington State Employment Security Department and Stephen Wandner, Visiting Scholar, The Urban Institute

SIRN is part of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). SSRN is an online resource devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks, including SIRN, in each of the social sciences.

The Academy created SIRN in 2004 to facilitate the sharing of social insurance-related work with researchers, scholars, advocates, and policy makers. SIRN offers a convenient way to reach an influential audience worldwide and to contribute to the dialogue on social insurance issues. In contrast to peer-reviewed journals, SIRN is a cross-disciplinary repository that creates opportunities to exchange information among disciplines, which may lead to groundbreaking policy solutions.

How to subscribe: Subscribing to any of SIRN’s abstracting eJournals provides the most efficient and convenient way to receive the latest research from the world’s foremost researchers. As a subscriber, you will receive regular emails containing abstracts of recently submitted scholarly papers.

If you are not a member of the Academy, your school, department, firm, or organization may have a site subscription to the Social Insurance Research Network. Please visit the SIRN Site Subscriptions page to check and join an existing site subscription. If your organization does not have a SIRN site subscription, you have the option to subscribe as an individual.

How to submit your scholarly work: Please submit new work to the appropriate eJournal by going to the SIRN website and clicking on the “Submit” link. Detailed, printable instructions are available for download from the Submit page.

For Academy Members: If you are a member and have questions about your SIRN journal subscription or submitting your work to one of SIRN’s eJournals, please contact member services at

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