Kimberly Morgan

Kimberly Morgan, a newly elected member of the Academy, is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University.

 Kimberly Morgan, a newly elected member of the Academy, is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University, where her teaching interests include European politics, American and comparative social policy, women and politics, health policy and politics and taxation.


“Kimberly's interest in comparative social policy brings a fresh perspective to a variety of social insurance issues facing the U.S. She is a welcome addition to the Academy membership,” said Judy Feder, Dean of the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, and fellow member of the Long-Term Care study panel.

Morgan recently received a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigators Award, and is currently co-investigator with Andrea Louise Campbell of MIT to study the politics of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. Morgan first became interested in studying health policy when she received an earlier Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant; she was in their Scholars in Health Policy Program at Yale University from 2001-2003. Prior to this, she was a post-doctoral fellow at New York University's Institute of French Studies, teaching a class on Comparative Politics of the Welfare State.

Morgan has written a book, Working Mothers and the Welfare State: Religion and the Politics of Work-Family Policies in Western Europe and the United States (Stanford University Press, 2006), and has contributed articles to many journals, including World PoliticsComparative PoliticsStudies in American Political DevelopmentComparative Political Studies, and the Journal of Policy History, among others.

Morgan's dissertation, Whose Hand Rocks the Cradle? The Politics of Child Care Policy in Advanced Industrialized States, won the Best Dissertation Prize, Women and Politics Section of the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, as well as the Lipset Award for the Best Comparative Dissertation, Society of Comparative Research. Her paper, Women and the Multi-Tiered Politics of Citizenship in Europe, won the best paper award of the Women and Politics section of the APSA.

Fluent in French, Morgan has spent significant time traveling and living in Western Europe. She has written articles for French journals, such as Recherches et Prévisions, and has given speeches at the Hôtel de Ville in France and the Max Planck Institute in Germany. She received the Chateaubriand scholarship awarded by the French government in 1997-98.

She serves on the editorial board of French Politics, Culture and Society, and is a reviewer for several journals, including Social PoliticsSocial ProblemsFrench Politics; and American Political Science Review, among others. She has appeared on BBC's The World, and the Voice of America's television news broadcast, Newsline.

Morgan served on the Academy study panel on Long-Term Care, which issued the report Designing a Long-Term Care System for the Future. She also recently participated in the "Family Well-Being, Public Policy and Economic Growth: Lessons from the Past and Insights for the Future" seminar that the Academy sponsored in September, and will be speaking about political science perspectives on financing social benefits at the Academy's 19th Annual Conference in February. Morgan received her B.A. from Northwestern University, graduating summa cum laude with honors in political science, and her Ph.D. from Princeton University.