The Future of Social Insurance: Incremental Action or Fundamental Reform?

January 24, 2001 January 25, 2001
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The 2000 election debate offered very different future visions for Social Security and Medicare. As the new Administration and the 107th Congress begin their work, this national forum took a fresh look at issues central to the public policy debate about how to cover the economic risks people face throughout their lives. Conference sessions examined emergent ideas for Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, retirement income and health insurance. Expert panels explored the latest research, discussed new conceptions of old problems, and exchanged fresh ideas to be considered by policymakers in Washington and in state houses and legislatures around the country.

Conference Co-chairs:
Peter Edelman
Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Dallas L. Salisbury
President, Employee Benefit Research Institute

A book of published proceedings, The Future of Social Insurance, edited by Peter Edelman, Dallas L. Salisbury, and Pamela J. Larson, is available through the Brookings Institution Press at (800) 275-1447.