9:00am  Registration and Continental Breakfast 

10:00am  Welcome

  • Janice Gregory, President, NASI

10:10am Opening Keynote: The Role of Social Insurance in a Market Economy 

  • Jeffrey Liebman, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  • With introduction by James Roosevelt, Jr., Tufts Health Plan



10:45am  Session I: Building the Business Case for Social Insurance
Why the business community and social insurance need each other, and what needs to be done to make both stronger

12:00pm  Break

12:30pm  Luncheon

1:00pm  Session II: Health Care: The Quest for Higher Quality at More Affordable Cost
Searching for breakthrough opportunities in an era of polarized debate

2:30pm  Break

3:00pm  Session III: The Affordable Care Act in Adolescence: Problems and Prospects
Taking stock of the ACA, almost two years after enactment: What’s gone right/wrong? What comes next in implementation?

<imoderator< i=””>4:30pm  Keynote Address: The Search for Health Security
We can see what needs to be done, but do we know how to get there from here? </imoderator<>

  • Donald M. Berwick, Former Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • With introduction by Sheila P. Burke, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

5:30pm  Reception: The 2012 John Heinz Dissertation Award Presentation Ceremony

7:00pm  Dinner

7:30pm  Dinner Speaker: Lessons from the New Deal
When the market economy crashed, FDR rode to the rescue. As Social Security nears its 77th birthday, what can history teach us?

  • Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

Day 2: FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2012

8:00am  Annual Membership Breakfast Meeting (NASI Members Only) 

8:30 am  Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00am Concurrent Roundtable Discussions

  • Unemployment Insurance and the Safety Net in the Wake of the Great Recession
  • Changing the Conversation: Messaging Social Security
  • Increasing Rolls in Disability Insurance: Policy Perspective
  • Premium Support: The Right Prescription for Medicare?
  • What’s Next in Financing of Long-Term Services and Supports?

10:00am Break

10:15am Keynote Speaker: Confronting Long-Term Unemployment and the Changing Labor Market
Taking stock of the nature and extent of the current jobs crisis, and how to address it by creating more and better opportunities for workers of all ages

  • Lawrence Mishel,  Economic Policy Institute
  • With introduction by Margaret Simms, The Urban Institute

10:50am Session IV: Remedies for a Labor Market in Distress
Do we need to rethink unemployment insurance? Training and retraining? Education? The tax code? A wide-ranging discussion of the changes and challenges ahead – and the need for fresh thinking

  • Mark Levinson, SEIU
    The State of the Labor Market
  • Arne L. Kalleberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Insuring Against Precarity
  • Robert C. Hockett, Cornell Law School
    Public Infrastructure Investment: How and What It Will Help
  • Laura Fortman, Frances Perkins Center
    New Deal Policies and Great Recession Realities: A State Perspective
  • Moderator: Margaret C. Simms, Urban Institute

12:15pm  Break

12:45pm  Luncheon 

1:15pm  Luncheon Keynote: Messaging Social Insurance: Reframing the Debate
Social insurance experts and advocates have a great story to tell. Why aren’t more Americans listening and responding to it?

  • Drew Westen, Emory University and Westen Strategies, LLC
  • With introduction by Lisa Mensah, NASI and The Aspen Institute

2:00pm  Break

2:15pm  Session V: Exploring Options to Strengthen Social Security
Can benefits be made more adequate to meet 21st century needs? Can fresh strategies produce the additional revenues Social Security will need in the future?

3:45pm  Closing Remarks: Conference Co-Chairs