May 26, 2006

    A briefing on May 25, 2006

    Select portions of this event are available via video webcast here.

    Policy makers and policy advisors are busy examining ways to address national concerns about the United States’ aging population. How are current retirees faring? What are the latest trends in private pensions and savings? Can we afford Social Security when baby boomers retire?

    You are invited to join the National Academy of Social Insurance for this important update on issues affecting all Americans. Come prepared to ask questions. Ample time will be set aside for discussion.

    Luisa Grillo-Chope,
     National Council of La Raza

    New Findings: Income of Americans 65 and Older
    Debra Whitman, Congressional Research Service

    Developments in Pensions and Savings
    William Arnone, Ernst and Young

    Can We Afford Social Security When Baby Boomers Retire?
    Virginia Reno, National Academy of Social Insurance

    Stephen Goss, Chief Actuary of Social Security
    Margaret Simms, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
    David John, Heritage Foundation
    William Spriggs, Howard University

    Financial support for this briefing is provided by the Actuarial Foundation, based in Schaumburg, Illinois.