December 3, 2007

    Monday, December 3, 2007 ~ A free policy workshop

    This workshop explores research and practice in public and private disability programs to learn how both sectors can work better for persons with disabilities.


    12:30pm Lunch

    1:00pm Welcome

    • Margaret Simms, President of NASI
    • Winthrop Cashdollar, America’s Health Insurance Plans

    1:10pm Opening Challenge: Laurel Beedon, NASI’s Senior Fellow

    • How are private and public disability insurance (DI) working together to the benefit of people with disabilities?
    • Are there particularly successful or challenging experiences from which both sectors can learn?
    • Is system integration as efficient as it should/can be?
    • What can private DI do that public DI can’t and vice versa?
    • What can private DI insurers do to help the public DI program and the beneficiaries it serves?
    • Does Canada have different successes or challenges than the U.S.?

    1:15pm Presenters
    Presenters bring experience from private insurance, public programs, clinical work and research.

    • Ken Mitchell, Unum
    • James Prochaska, University of Rhode Island
    • Michael Sullivan, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
    • Richard Balkus, Social Security Administration

    2:15pm Q & A

    2:30pm Break

    2:45pm Discussion, launched by NASI’s Disability Policy Advisory Group

    • Dorothy Watson, Consultant
    • David Wittenburg, Mathematica
    • Tony Young, NISH

    3:00pm Open Discussion, all attendees

    4:00pm Adjourn

    Funded by America’s Health Insurance Plans, UNUM, and the Ford Foundation.