July 14, 2011

A free event for interns, students, and young professionals held on Thursday, July 14, 2011.

Do you know what Social Security is or how it works? Have you ever wondered why, whenever there is a discussion about the nation’s debt and deficits Social Security becomes a part of the conversation? Can we improve Social Security benefits for the vulnerable individuals who need it most? Would you like to know if, how, or when Social Security might run out of money?

The answers may surprise you.

For answers to these questions and more, over 130 interns, students, and and young professionals joined the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) to discuss and debate the future of Social Security at Demystifying Social Security: Academy for Interns 2011.
Attendees gained a better understanding of the challenges facing the White House and Congress as they work to modify Social Security. The free, day-long event featured prominent guest speakers, expert panels, and interactive activities, plus opportunities for networking.
Sessions Included:
  • Why is Social Security Important?
    Hilary Doe, Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
  • Social Security: How Does it Work?
    Kathleen Romig, Social Security Administration

    Scott Szymendera, Congressional Research Service
    Ashley Carson Cottingham, US Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging, Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
  • Social Security: How Big is the Financing Problem, and How Can We Pay for What We Want?
    Stephen Goss, Social Security Administration
    Ben Veghte, National Academy of Social Insurance
  • The Intern Solution For Social Security
    Interactive Activity (Part I)
  • What Are Your Solutions For Social Security?
    Interactive Activity (Part II)
  • Unfiltered: Straight Talk on Social Security
    Kathryn Edwards, Economic Policy Institute
    Marc Goldwein, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, New America Foundation
  • Now What? – How Can I Use This Information and Experience?
    Jane Farrell, Center for Economic and Policy Research
    Allessia Owens, Howard University School of Social Work Doctoral Student

Door prizes donated by the D.C. United, Washington Nationals and Mandu Restuarant.