October 31, 2002

    October 31, 2002
    A joint seminar with the National Academy of Social Insurance, HelpAge International, and the Initiative for Policy Dialogue

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    Population aging will have as profound an impact on the developing world in the 21st century as it has in the developed countries during the past hundred years. To meet the challenges of this aging world, new thinking will be needed-above all, ways to link strategies that protect expanding older populations with those promoting development. This seminar brings together academics, policymakers, and practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds to consider some of the key questions posed by this context:

    • How should the development debate be reframed in the context of aging in the developing world? What should development policies focus on in the new demographic order?
    • How can social protections policies and poverty reduction strategies be more effectively integrated?
    • Should the focus on support for older people in the developing world be widened beyond pensions and social security reform?
    • How do overall economic and fiscal circumstances frame the construction of social protection issues? How can poverty reduction and social integration be made more central to economic and fiscal policymaking?

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