July 30, 2009

    A free event for interns ~ Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Do you know what Social Security is or how it works? Have you ever wondered why, whenever there is a discussion about health care reform, Social Security seems to come into the conversation? Would you like to know if/how/or when Social Security might run out of money? (The answer may surprise you.) The National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) offers interns, students, and others an opportunity to discuss and debate the future of social insurance programs such as Social Security at Social Security Academy for Interns: Don’t Leave Washington Clueless about Social Security!.

    Attendees will gain a better understanding of the challenges facing the new administration and the Congress as they work to modify Social Security. The free, day-long event  features prominent guest speakers, expert panels, and interactive activities, plus opportunities for networking. Lunch will be provided and door prizes will be awarded at the end of the day. So join us on July 30, 2009 for a discussion of the present and future of Social Security at the Social Security Academy for Interns.


    – AGENDA –

    8:30am     Registration

    9:00am     Welcome

                      Deric Joyner, National Academy of Social Insurance

    9:10am     Opening Speaker

    Why is Social Security Important?
    In today’s economic climate why is Social Security relevant and important to a younger generation?

                      Kilolo Kijakazi, The Ford Foundation

    9:25am     Session I

    Social Security: How Does it Work?
    Social Security is a multifaceted program with a variety of benefits. Who pays for Social Security and who receives benefits? How important are Social Security benefits for people with disabilities? Are Social Security benefits adequate? Are there any possibilities of expansion or improvement of Social Security benefits?
    Moderator: Oke Agahro, AARP Advocacy (NASI Intern)

                      Kathleen Romig, Congressional Research Service
                      Susan Daniels, Daniels & Associates
                      Nancy Altman, NASI Board of Directors

    10:30am   Break

    10:45am   Session II

    Social Security: How Big is the Financing Problem, and How Can We Pay for What We Want?
    The Social Security program is running surpluses in the near term, but deficits in the long term. Why is the program out of balance and how big is the shortfall? What are some solutions for closing the long-term funding gap and, if we choose, paying for improved benefits?
    Moderator: Rachel Dolan, Institute for Health Policy Solutions (NASI Intern)

                      Stephen C. Goss, Social Security Administration
                      Hans Riemer, AARP

    11:45am   Lunch

    12:20pm   Interactive Activity (Part A)

    The Intern Solution for Social Security
    Experts have debated solutions to Social Security’s financing for years. What solutions would you choose to solve the issues of solvency and adequacy of Social Security?
    Moderator: Adrienne Alexander, AFL-CIO (NASI Intern)

    1:05pm     Interactive Activity (Part B)

    What Are Your Solutions for Social Security? 
    Hold your own policy briefing. Discuss your solutions for solving the long-term issues of Social Security financing.
    Moderator: Adrienne Alexander, AFL-CIO (NASI Intern)

    1:40pm     Break

    1: 55pm    Session III

    Unfiltered: Straight Talk on Social Security.
    The Social Security program has been debated almost since its inception. This session will explore two different perspectives on the current state of the Social Security program and its future.
    Moderator: Hiram Lopez, National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI Intern)

                    Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Economic Policy Institute
                    Marc Goldwein, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, New America Foundation
    (Former NASI Intern)

    2:55pm   Session IV

    Now What? How Can I Use This Information and Experience?
    Young professionals with careers in public policy and social insurance policy give advice about the lessons that they have learned as they progress in their careers, sharing how those experiences have been useful to them professionally as told through their personal experience.
    Moderator: Krystal Knight: Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (NASI Intern)

                    Monica San Miguel, The Rockefeller Foundation
                    Genia Lindsey, National Center for Ethics in Healthcare, Department of Veterans Affairs
    (Former NASI Intern)

    3:30pm   Wrap-Up and Door Prizes

    Kim Soaper, National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI Intern)



    Door prizes donated by the D.C. United, E Street Cinema, the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and the International Spy Museum

    Financial support for the Social Security Academy for Interns: Don’t Leave Washington Clueless about Social Security has been provided by the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation.