April 15, 2005

    A policy seminar on Friday, April 15, 2005

    Many individual account proposals-including President Bush’s-that shift Social Security taxes to the accounts include some type of benefit reduction in exchange for the accounts. These benefit reductions, called offsets, raise many questions. What are offsets and how are they likely to work? How would offsets affect spouse and survivors’ benefits? How would offsets be calculated? What is the effect of individual account offsets on retirees’ benefits, the Social Security trust funds, and on the budget?

    Primer on Offsets
    Joni Lavery, National Academy of Social Insurance

    How to Make Offsets Work
    David John, The Heritage Foundation

    Unanswered Questions About Offsets and Family Benefits
    Joan Entmacher, The National Women’s Law Center

    The Budget, Trust Funds, and Offsets
    Paul Cullinan, Congressional Budget Office

    Moderator: Bob Rosenblatt, former Los Angeles Times reporter and Senior Fellow, National Academy of Social Insurance