February 25, 2016

First study panel meeting

First Covening of the Study Panel on
Medicaid as a Critical Lever in Building a Culture of Health
Thursday, February 25, 2016
8:30am │ Welcome │ Benjamin Veghte, National Academy of Social Insurance; Sara Rosenbaum and Trish Riley, Co-Chairs; David Adler, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

8:45am │ Introductions

9:00am │ Review of Agenda and Objectives for Meeting
Study panel schedule and deadlines
Roles and responsibilities of panel members and staff

9:30am │ Break

9:45am │ Charge to Study Panel and the Culture of Health
Discussion of RWJF’s 10 Culture of Health principles and how they relate to Medicaid │ Trish Riley
How do we translate these ideas into a report and recommendations? │ Sara Rosenbaum

11:45am │ Lunch

12:30pm │ Discuss/Develop Rough Outline of Paper │ Co-Chairs; Study Panel Members
Report production strategy
Discussion of what questions need to be answered in the final report

2:00pm │ Review of Work Plan and Timeline for Project
Process for drafting, review, and approval of report │ Benjamin Veghte
Discuss agendas and scheduling for future meetings │ Co-Chairs

2:30pm │ Meeting Adjourned