May 15, 2009

    A policy briefing on Friday, May 15, 2009 ~ Presentations available for download

    Each year the Social Security Trustees update the short-range (10 year) and long-range (75 year) projections for the Social Security trust funds to provide policymakers with the best information to assess Social Security’s long-range finances. The 2009 Trustees’ report will reflect updates of data, assumptions and methods since last year. The Social Security Chief Actuary will describe the results and three discussants will offer perspectives on how to frame future Social Security policy options in light of these projections.

    • What’s New in 2009?
      Stephen C. Goss, Chief Actuary, SSA
    • Henry Aaron, Bruce and Virginia MacLaury Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution
    • Charles Blahous, Senior Fellow, The Hudson Institute
    • Virginia Reno, Vice President for Income Security, NASI
    • Margaret Simms (moderator), NASI President and Institute Fellow, The Urban Institute

    Copies of NASI’s new brief, Social Security Finances: Findings of the 2009 Trustees Report, will be available at the event.