August 9, 2010

A policy briefing on the 2010 Social Security Trustees Report

On August 5, 2010, the long-awaited 2010 report of the Social Security Trustees was released to the public. This briefing presented an opportunity for an in-depth explanation of the program’s finances from an authoritative source – Stephen C. Goss, Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration.

The briefing sought to find answers to important questions such as: How has the weak economy affected Social Security’s long-term projections? Will health care reform – the Affordable Care Act of 2010 – affect Social Security’s long-term finances? If so, how? Can we afford Social Security in coming decades? What options do policymakers have to ensure that Social Security remains adequate and secure?

From the responses of those in attendance many found answers to those questions.

Speakers Included:

Stephen C. Goss, Chief Actuary, Social Security Administration
What’s New in the 2010 Social Security Trustees Report
Presented by Alice Wade, Deputy Cheif Actuary, Social Security Administration

Virginia P. Reno, Vice President of Income Security, National Academy of Social Insurance
What Options Do Policymakers Have to Ensure that Social Security Remains Adequate and Secure?

Moderated by Lisa Mensah, Executive Director, Initiative on Financial Security, The Aspen Institute

Video of the briefing is available on C-Span’s Video Libray if you were unable to attendor or would like to view the biefing again.

Click here to access NASI’s analysis of the 2010 Social Security Trustees report , Social Security Finances: Findings of the 2010 Trustees Report.