Eugene Steuerle is Richard B. Fisher chair and Institute Fellow at the Urban Institute, and a columnist/blogger under the title The Government We Deserve. He serves as co-chair of NASI’s 25thannual policy conference, “Medicare and Social Security in a Time of Budget Austerity.”

Prior to rejoining the Urban Institute, he was the Vice-President of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Senior Fellow at the Urban Institute, President of the National Tax Association (2001-2002), and Chair of the 1999 Technical Panel advising Social Security on its methods and assumptions. Earlier in his career, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Tax Analysis at the U.S. Department of the Treasury (1987-1989), as well as the original organizer and Economic Staff Coordinator of the Project for Fundamental Tax Reform, which led to the Tax Reform Act of 1986. In addition, Steuerle has served as the President of the National Economists Club Educational Foundation, Director of Finance and Taxation Projects and Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Federal Executive Fellow at The Brookings Institution, and a columnist for the Financial Times.

“Gene is a national treasure who deserves to be as widely heard as possible,” said NASI founding member and former president Stanford Ross. “He is unique in being a policy analyst equally at home in governance and administrative issues. Most of all he continues to be fiercely independent and scrupulously objective in an era of ever increasing partisanship and ideological argumentation.”

Steuerle currently is working with Larry Haas on a book explaining the causes and cures for our current fiscal mess, which they feel is badly defined by only one symptom, the deficit.  He is the author, co-author or co-editor of fifteen books and more than one thousand articles, briefs, and Congressional testimonies. Books include Contemporary U.S. Tax Policy (2nd edition), Retooling Social Security for the 21st Century, and Nonprofits and Government. He serves on advisory panels or boards for the Congressional Budget Office, the Government Accountability Office, the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, the Independent Sector, the Aspen Institute Initiative on Financial Security, the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics, the Partnership for America’s Economic Success, and the Journal on Social Security, Pensions, and Retirement Income of the Social Insurance Research Network (SIRN).

Among other accolades, former top Treasury and White House officials wrote that 1986 tax reform “would not have moved forward without [his] early leadership,” and “few people have had greater impact on major changes in the tax law and the principal improvements in tax compliance and administration.” Steuerle has received numerous awards and honors, including the first Bruce Davie-Albert Davis Public Service Award from the National Tax Association in 2005, and Outstanding Alumnus awards from both his college and high school. A member of the National Academy of Social Insurance since 1990, Steuerle received his Ph.D. in economics with distinction in public finance from the University of Wisconsin.

When not worried about fiscal policy and social insurance, Steuerle likes to spend much of his time visiting his two children, their spouse, and his three grandchildren, as well as helping build ACT for Alexandria, the community foundation for Alexandria, VA, where he serves as current chair and an original cofounder.

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