Monroe Berkowitz of Rutgers University will receive the 2006 Robert M. Ball Award on June 21, 2006.  Professor Berkowitz is an outstanding researcher, policy advisor, and teacher who has worked on issues related to disability and workers' compensation over the course of five decades. He has focused on pragmatic questions concerning the operation of public programs, such as how best to administer workers' compensation and how to encourage return to work among SSDI recipients. His important achievements include his service on a NASI panel that studied disability policy comprehensively. While on that panel, he developed an idea for The Ticket to Work program that Congress subsequently enacted into law. This work has led him to investigate “early intervention” policies that will provide alternatives to direct enrollment onto the permanent SSDI or SSI rolls. Described as the “dean of disability economists” by University of Wisconsin professor Robert Haveman, he is the one of the pioneers in the field. His work has ranged from analyzing how much the nation spends on disability, to assessing the costs and benefits of vocational rehabilitation, to examining the way that workers' compensation systems treat the problem of permanent partial disability. 



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