| January 27, 2003



STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY: Social Insurance in a Diverse America
National Academy of Social Insurance
15th Annual Conference

Kathleen Buto, Martha Priddy Patterson, and William Spriggs

The conference will take a cross-cutting look at how Social Security, Medicare, and
state-administered programs—unemployment insurance, Medicaid, and cash assistance—accommodate American’s growing diversity.

Diversity is a major news story. The Census Bureau just announced that the Hispanic population is more than 37 million, and that the Hispanic total is virtually equal to the black population. In addition to ethnic diversity, there is increasing diversity in households, with more single-parent families, unmarried couples, and dual-earning couples.

Speakers will include Congressman Xavier Becerra (D-CA); Grantland Johnson, head of the California Health and Human Services agency; experts from the Census Bureau, the Social Security Administration, and the National Institutes of Health; key Congressional committee staff directors; and Ray Suarez, senior correspondent on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer.


Thursday and Friday, January 30–31, 2003


National Press Club
529 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC

    Topics Include:

  • Medicare and Disparities: What Do We Know? Medicare is a universal program for people over 65, but there are racial variations in the quality of care.
  • Social Security in a Diverse America. How well does Social Security protect children, persons with disabilities and low wage earners?
  • State-Administered Programs and Diverse Populations
  • The Challenge of Diversity: Turning Research into Action
  • NEW REPORT TO BE RELEASED 01/31/03: Medicare in the 21st Century: Building a Better Chronic Care System

Questions? Visit the conference webpage for a full conference agenda.

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