Published: June, 2001

As Social Security disability programs draw attention from policy makers, the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) offers objective information that can help to sort through the complexity of these programs and the issues that surround them. The Academy is a nonprofit research and education organization made of up of the nation’s leading experts on Social Security, Medicare and other social insurance programs. It completed a comprehensive review of the disability programs by its independent Disability Policy Panel in 1996 and since then has conducted numerous seminars, workshops and conference that build on and disseminate the work of that panel. The Academy does not lobby or take positions on policy issues.

What is the Social Security disability insurance (DI) program?

What is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability program?

How many working-aged Americans have disabilities?

How many working-aged Americans receive Social Security or SSI disability benefits?

How much do these programs cost, and who pays for them?

How much do typical beneficiaries receive?

What is the economic status of disabled-worker beneficiaries?

Living with a Work Disability: Beneficiary Perspectives

Evaluating Disability Income Policy: Findings of the Academy’s Disability Policy Panel[excerpts from Panel’s report]

Keywords: Disability

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