Published: December, 2019

The National Academy of Social Insurance, in collaboration with AARP, engaged in a year-long effort to identify innovative strategies to address the income adequacy needs of older workers who must claim Social Security retirement benefits early due to ill health, an inability to continue to perform physically demanding jobs, or other factors. The Challenge yielded a package of four policy ideas that, together, begin to address problems associated with retirement insecurity in complementary ways.

Download the Summary Report.

Read the four proposals:

  1. A New Bridge Benefit under Social Security, by Christian Weller, Rebecca Vallas, and Stephanie Lessing
  2. Social Security Early Commencement Benefits, by Elizabeth Bauer
  3. Creating a Federal Auto IRA and Enhancing Social Security Longevity Data, by Sarah Holmes Berk
  4. State Supplemental Social Security, by John Burbank and Aaron Keating

See the national press release.


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