Thursday, July 24, 2014
Kaiser Family Foundation ■ Barbara Jordan Conference Center
1330 G Street, NW ■ Washington, DC


9:00am  WELCOME

  • Sabiha Zainulbhai, National Academy of Social Insurance

9:10am  OPENING SESSION – Why is Medicare Important?
Why is Medicare a program that should matter to everyone?

  • Marilyn Moon, American Institutes for Research
  • Moderator: Sabrina Gonzales, 2014 NASI Summer Intern

9:30am  SESSION I – Medicare: How Does it Work?
Medicare is a multifaceted program with a complex benefit package, but who pays for Medicare and who receives benefits? What are the characteristics of the typical Medicare enrollee? How is the program structured?

  • Stacy Sanders (PDF), Medicare Rights Center
  • Lina Walker (PDF), AARP Public Policy Institute
  • Howard Shapiro (PDF), Alliance of Community Health Plans
  • ​Moderator: Millicent Cripe, 2014 NASI Summer Intern


10:30am  Break/Networking

10:45am  SESSION II – Medicare: How Big is the Financing Problem?
The Medicare program has been running a deficit since 2008, but how much trouble is the program in? Why are program revenues and expenditures out of balance? How big is the shortfall and what are some solutions for closing the long-term funding gap?

  • Julie Somers (PDF), Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC)
  • Jack Ebeler (PDF), Health Policy Alternatives, Inc.
  • Moderator: Danielle Janes, 2014 NASI Summer Intern


11:45am  LUNCH

12:15pm  POLICY EXERCISE – Medicare CHAT (Part I)
Experts have debated policy solutions to Medicare’s financing for years. What solutions would you choose to address the issues of Medicare solvency?

  • Moderator: Oona Bernhardt, 2014 NASI Summer Intern

1:35pm  POLICY DISCUSSION – Medicare CHAT (Part II)
Hold your own policy briefing. Report back on your ideas for the future of Medicare.


2:30pm  SESSION III – Delivery and Payment System Reforms
There are many policy options for modernizing Medicare. How would restructuring the program’s design, changing beneficiary cost-sharing and increasing revenues affect the program and its enrollees? How will the Affordable Care Act change the way health care is delivered to Medicare enrollees?​

  • Juliette Cubanski (PDF), Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Edo Banach (PDF), Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Cheryl Phillips (PDF), LeadingAge
  • Moderator: Natalie Chong, 2014 NASI Summer Intern


3:30 PM  Session IV – Unfiltered: Straight Talk on Medicare

  • Sarah Kliff, Vox
  • Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News
  • Moderator: Rachel Polzin, 2014 NASI Summer Intern

4:30 PM  Wrap-Up and Door Prizes

  • Deanna Marion, 2014 NASI Summer Intern