The following core principles have guided the National Academy of Social Insurance since its founding thirty years ago. Adherence to these principles ensures that we remain independent, avoid inappropriate fee-for-service arrangements, and continue to adhere to our institutional values of objectivity, impartiality, nonpartisanship, academic quality, and professional integrity.

  • Disclosure and transparency: All sponsorships of Academy activities are fully disclosed in matters associated with such sponsorships, including study panels, reports, conferences, and other events. The Academy does not accept anonymous corporate contributions in support of its activities. The Academy seeks to avoid both actual and apparent conflicts of interest. Moreover, Members of the Academy’s Board of Directors file annual conflict of interest statements.
  • Sponsorship benefits: The benefits to donors who sponsor Academy activities are clearly spelled out to them, to Academy Members, and to the public. While such benefits may include opportunities to suggest participants in Academy study panels and speakers at conferences, the Academy makes the final decision about who participates, guided by the overriding concern for expertise and balance.
  • Research reports and publications: The Academy does not agree to alter the content or revise the conclusions of our work in return for funding. The Academy subjects all major output – including study panel reports, issue briefs, fact sheets, and videos – to a rigorous process of Board review, based on explicit criteria of clarity, completeness, accuracy, and objectivity.
  • Academy Employees: In accordance with its status as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, all Academy employees are prohibited from engaging in any form of lobbying.
  • Academy Senior Fellows: These positions are offered only to Academy Members and those with demonstrated expertise in social insurance areas integral to its policy work. Non-Member individuals, who are employed by corporate sponsors, are not eligible to serve as Senior Fellows. The Academy does not offer a “non-resident scholar” status at this time. The Academy strives to avoid any undisclosed and inappropriate overlap between our researchers and financial ties as employees of, or consultants to, corporate or other sponsors.

One of the most valuable assets of the National Academy of Social Insurance is its reputation for credibility and integrity. We want to assure our Members and the public-at-large of our unwavering commitment to uphold the principles upon which our Academy was founded thirty years ago.

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