Creating a Federal Auto IRA and Enhancing Social Security Longevity Data

By: Sarah Holmes Berk
Published: December 2019

Access to an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan dramatically reduces retirement insecurity, but half of American workers lack access to such a plan. While the vast majority of highly educated, high-wage workers have access to defined-contribution (DC) plans, they are available to only two-thirds of construction and maintenance workers, half of service workers, and one third of workers in the bottom wage decile.

Creating a federal IRA with automatic enrollment (auto IRA) to help workers without access to a 401(k) or similar plan to save for retirement, coupled with the public dissemination of enhanced longevity data, could better meet late-life needs for these older workers, which vary substantially and are hard to predict.

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This proposal was developed as part of the project, Enhancing Social Security and Improving Retirement SecuritySummaries of the four winning proposals are available here.