Published: November, 2003

Kathleen M. King and Mark Schlesinger (eds.)
Final Report of the Study Panel on Medicare and Markets

The National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) convened a study panel in 2000 to consider the role of market-oriented reforms and private health plans in Medicare, as part of its broader project on the future of the Medicare program. The panel interpreted its charge broadly and set as its goal strengthening Medicare overall, including both the fee-for-service (FFS) system and private health plans. Members of the study panel were selected for their recognized expertise and knowledge of Medicare; they were also selected to represent different disciplines and diverse views on the role of private health plans in Medicare. The study panel met four times, convened several conference calls, and commissioned original research in pursuit of its mission. In its work, the panel strove to reach consensus on a wide range of challenging and complex issues. In most cases, the panel reached a common understanding and viewpoint, however, on some issues, there was a divergence of views among panel members, which is noted in the text.

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NOTE: Copies of the full report may be downloaded from the link below.

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