Workers' Compensation Coverage: Technical Note on Estimates

Published: October 2002
Workers' Compensation Data Fact Sheet No. 2 ~ October 2002


This technical note describes methods used by the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) to estimate the number of workers who are covered by workers' compensation and the share of the workforce who are covered by the program. Part I describes NASI methods for estimating the number of workers covered by workers' compensation. Part II describes methods for estimating the size of the larger workforce. Part III shows different ways to present coverage rates based on estimates of the number of workers covered by workers' compensation, described in part I, and methods of defining the broader workforce in Part II. We conclude that different ways of presenting coverage rates may be appropriate for different purposes. The methods described in part I and part II are a work in progress and NASI welcomes comments and advice on ways to improve them.