Support NASI through the Robert M. Ball 100th Birthday Fund for Leadership Development

The Robert M. Ball Fund for Leadership Development was created in 2014 to honor Robert M. Ball’s legacy, particularly in the area of developing the next generation of leaders in social insurance, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

What better way to invest in the future of social insurance – and to honor Bob Ball’s lifetime work – than by helping the Academy recruit, train, and inspire talented young people to pursue careers in this field?

For nearly 25 years, NASI has provided opportunities for young people to enter the field of social insurance. As the primary organization of social insurance professionals, NASI connects today’s leaders with those who will take the reins in coming years. NASI is the only organization to:

  • Recruit talented students and young professionals and match them with internship placements where they begin to make substantive contributions at organizations working to strengthen social insurance programs;
  • Bring students from across the country to Washington, DC each summer to work with members of the Academy – the nation’s top experts in social insurance;
  • Provide students and young professionals with an opportunity to grow their skills in specific areas, like long-term care research and disability policy;

  • Develop a summer seminar series on social insurance with Academy members as guest lecturers on salient issues; and

  • Recognize young scholars for their research and writings on social insurance.

There are now over 400 NASI Associate members – young and mid-career professionals who successfully completed one of NASI’s leadership development programs. Past interns and Heinz Dissertation Award winners are now making significant contributions to social insurance policy research, advocacy, and implementation. In the years to come, more NASI Associates will grow to become decision-makers and influential thought leaders across the U.S.

Your generous contribution to the Fund will support the Academy’s growing efforts to reach and train the next generation of leaders in social insurance -- to grow NASI Associates from 400 to 500. We cannot always predict the future, but we can strive to make sure that talented students and young professionals have the opportunity to pursue their aspirations and be well-prepared to become the next leaders in social insurance.

NASI is a 501(c)(3) public charity (FEID# 52-1451753), and your contribution is 100% tax-deductible.

Interested in other ways support NASI’s work in the long-term? The Academy accepts bequests and other planned gifts. We can help you consider such options. Please contact Pamela Larson, Executive Vice President, at to arrange a time to discuss your interests and goals.