How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Over the past year, the Academy has brought together leaders and engaged them in public education on social insurance issues in many ways, including:

  • Informed national policy debates by developing and disseminating key information on Social Security, Medicare, Health Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, and the employment risks that American workers and employers face;
  • Convened a timely national conference on “Medicare and Medicaid: The Next 50 Years” that will launch a year-long series of symposia on these programs;
  • Stimulated and facilitated discussions among experts toward developing better policies for long-term services and supports, working-age persons with disabilities, and a more secure old age;
  • Encouraged the social insurance leaders of tomorrow by providing internships and scholarships, awards for dissertations and legal writing, and Summer Academies for students in Washington;
  • Released an important new public opinion survey finding strong support for Social Security across generations, income levels, and political affiliations; and
  • Launched an innovative public education campaign to help older workers understand the advantages of delaying Social Security when feasible.

In order for the Academy to sustain and strengthen its role in advancing solutions to challenges facing the nation by increasing public understanding of how social insurance contributes to economic security, it must secure gifts and grants from Academy members, private foundations, institutions, and others.

Financial support from members over and above their dues, donations from individuals, grants from foundations, and sponsorships Academy conferences and events enable the Academy to reach educators, policymakers, college students, young professionals, and the public with an array of initiatives. In the coming year, we will:

  • Celebrate Medicare and Medicaid ‘s 50th anniversaries with events, publications and a gala;
  • Mark Social Security’s 80th anniversary by addressing critical issues and continuing to help Americans understand when to claim their retirement benefits;
  • Analyze Social Security Disability Insurance issues to help inform national policy discussions;
  • Compile and share information about Workers’ Compensation nationally
  • Discuss how to strengthen the Unemployment Insurance system before the next recession;
  • Induct exemplary leaders and scholars into the Academy’s membership; and
  • Introduce new leaders to social insurance through internships, prizes for dissertations and legal writing on social insurance, and by convening summer academies for students.