Teresa Ghilarducci has been a member of the National Academy of Social Insurance since 1994 and is Co-Chair of the upcoming NASI conference,“In Search of Retirement Security: The Changing Mix of Social Insurance, Employee Benefits, and Personal Responsibility.” She is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame, and a member of the American Economics Association and the Industrial Relations Research Association.

Her term on the board of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, to which President Clinton appointed her in 1995, ended in February 2002. In 1997, Indiana State Governor Frank O’Bannon appointed her to the Board of Trustees of the five-member Public Employees Retirement Fund, for a term of three years. She has been a member of the General Accounting Office Advisory Board since 2001, and an Associate of the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. since 1994.

Ghilarducci’s work includes books, scholarly articles, chapters in books, and government and other types of reports, and a large number of scholarly and policy presentations on issues relating to the workforce, pension plans, and social security in general. She authored Labor’s Capital: The Economics and Politics of Private Pensions and co-authored Portable Pensions for Casual Labor Markets, published in 1992, Portable Pension Plans for Casual Labor Markets: Lessons from the Operating Engineers Central Pension Fund, in 1995, and a work in progress, The Attack on Retirement, under contract with Princeton University Press.

Ghilarducci has received many awards and honors, including the Industrial Relations Research Association Dissertation Roundtable Award and the Mary Ingraham Bunting Institute Fellowship. In 1993, she was awarded the American Publishers Association Award for Labor’s Capital.

"Professor Ghilarducci is an important contributor to the national dialogue on pensions, with her focus on groups not always covered by the system, and the potential role of multi-employer plans in improving the pension system in the United States," said NASI Board Member Anna Rappaport.

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