The application window for the Academy’s Somers Internship is now closed.

Anne Ramsey Somers was an author, professor, and health care expert with over five decades of experience in the field of long-term care, consumer health education, financing of Medicare, and geriatrics. Her work as an economist included: contributions to the creation of the Medicare Bill (working with the team headed by Wilbur Cohen) in 1965; advising Health and Human Services (HHS) on Medicare reimbursement as part of the Health Insurance Advisory Council; and heading a task force on health promotion for the National Conference on Preventive Medicine. The Somers Research Internship on Long-Term Care and Aging is research oriented, focusing on aging and long-term care issues.

Remembering Anne Somers

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Who Should Apply

The National Academy of Social Insurance encourages students studying gerontology, health policy, disability policy, public policy, social work, economics, or related subjects to apply for this 12-week summer semester internship in Washington, DC.

Eligibility of all internship programs requires applicants to be currently enrolled in a college or university at the start of the internship cycle.

The Somers internship program focuses on long-term care (LTC) / long-term services and supports (LTSS) and aging research. Projects at LTC/LTSS-focused organizations will include policy research and related policy development activities. Graduate students are preferred; undergraduates with substantial research experience are also encouraged to apply.


Interns are paid at least $15/hr based on a 35 to 40-hour work week.

Internship Placements

Students selected for an internship will be matched with a placement organization in the DC area, where they will work under the supervision of an Academy Member. Somers interns have the opportunity to:

  • Work with leading long-term care policy experts;
  • Gain valuable work experience;
  • Make professional contacts and network in their area of interest; and
  • Attend relevant seminars, symposia, and Congressional hearings.

Somers interns work closely with the experts in their Washington offices. Our most recent internship placements have included:

  • AcademyHealth
  • Buffin Foundation
  • Center for Global Policy Solutions
  • Community Catalyst
  • Congressional Research Service
  • Long-Term Quality Alliance (LTQA)
  • Medicaid and Chip Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC)
  • National Academy of Social Insurance
  • National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities (NASUAD)
  • Senate HELP Committee
  • Social Security Advisory Board (SSAB)
  • Urban Institute

The National Academy of Social Insurance, as a nonpartisan organization devoted to furthering knowledge and understanding of social insurance programs, is uniquely qualified to provide students with challenging internship opportunities. Academy members, recognized experts in social insurance and health policy, offer the interns access to information and experiences found nowhere else. Academic credit may be arranged through the intern’s college or university. International students with valid student visas can be placed with non-governmental organizations, if placement projects match their skills and interests.

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